KredEx will offer assistance to businesses in difficulty due to the national emergency situation by providing direct loans and suretyship for new bank loans.

I am Piret and have been working on the issue of business financing during almost my entire life.
Our team at Finsa is ready to come to your aid and operatively help your company formulate a plan for surviving this crisis. This is a fast and specific numerical plan of action, which enables financial support by the banks and the state.

We will put this plan in a form suitable for being submitted to banks and/or Kredex, and we will help businesses in communicating with them and defending their loan application.

As a first package of measures, Kredex will offer the following services to mitigate the economic situation: emergency loan guarantees for the issuance of new loans, emergency loan guarantees for alleviating the repayment schedules of existing bank loans, issuance of emergency loans.

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Kredex’s crisis measures for helping companies in difficulty due to the coronavirus are now available

Get in touch with us today. Let us think through your plan together and take steps to make sure that your company will emerge from this crisis as a winner. Together we are faster and more effective.