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2020 in retrospect

15. Jan 2021

As the crazy year of 2020 is now history, it’s time to sum it up. First of all, I’d like to thank our customers. We are grateful to our customers for giving us a chance to prove ourselves. Thank you for the fascinating work and assignments, and your trust in us:


- Creative Woodworks - Finsa’s first beloved customer. We have been working together for more than three years by now – the business volumes of the company have increased by more than three-fold during this time, we have been able to contribute in financing, liquidity management, production cost assessment, accounting and development plans. Thank you Priit for putting the trust in us. It is exciting to witness your fast and continuing growth!


- Tartu Terminal - Rauno and Raido, we appreciate the trust and the challenging work helping to consolidate and provide unified view of the financial results and future projections of the group companies, facilitate refinancing of the loan portfolio and support the soon closing M&A transaction and its financing process.


- Verston - managing the challenges and developing management accounting tools related to business volume increases was a subject for 2019. In 2020, Verston made another huge step forward by winning the public tender to acquire AS Eesti Teed. We have proven that in combination with strong vision and good financial management everything is possible. Fascinating project and great team, thank you!


- Omniva - Ansi invited Finsa to join the forces after the assignment of the earlier CFO terminated at the end of 2019. We supported to stabilise the cash flows, arrange new debt financing and to restructure and enhance the profitability of the international business. It is difficult to navigate in the political turbulences but difficulties are there to overcome them!


Also many thanks to Prydwen, Heavy Industry, Coffee-In, Best Beans, Planetway, Hansavest and other dear customers!


Of course, I am also grateful to our team! Only together can we add real value and support our customers with the success stories.

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