Outsourced accounting services can often be described as "garbage in → garbage out". In cooperation with the client, our goal is to create and implement work processes that meet the needs of the company and ensure the availability of reliable financial data. This saves customers' time and resources.

In accounting, we follow the Estonian or international accounting standard and, in addition, take into account the regulations of the parent company, if necessary.

Before we begin, we will discuss your needs and agree on the following:

Adequate chart of accounts

Accounting rules and work processes

Frequency and methods of transmission of source documents

Reporting frequency

Management of incoming payments

Management of payments


Daily accounting entries
Filing tax returns
Recording fixed assets
Compiling the annual report
Compiling statistics reports
Keeping payroll records
Keeping personnel records
Receivable management
Execution of bank payments
Stock records
Tax consultancy
Training employees in accounting and finance
Related services

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