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Work processes and control

12. Apr 2020

The existence of motivation, responsibility and decision-making mechanisms brings new quality to management. As such, we free up a lot of time by eliminating duplicating operations and achieve true control over our activity.

A significant portion of managers' time resources is taken up by ad hoc decision making, searching for data, correcting errors and solving problems. Implementing streamlined work processes is time-consuming, but in the long run will lead to significant time savings for both managers and the entire organisation. It also improves quality of management, as decisions can be made based on adequate information and by employees with corresponding competences.

An example of work processes that need to be organized

Decision-making processes, structure and competence of meetings
Document management
Invoicing and revenue recognition
Accounts receivable monitoring
Accounting, recognition and inventory of fixed assets
Authorization of costs
Movement of cost documents
Inventory management, inventories
Liquidity management
Monitoring budget compliance
Choice of partners

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