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Strategic management

10. Mar 2020

Do shareholders, management and employees know where the company is headed, what the long-term plan and prospects are? What are the significant business challenges, opportunities and risks? Are we still doing what we should be doing? Should we be doing something else? How much is our company worth?

How much time and ability do we have to think about these issues in our everyday working lives? Are we on the same page on these issues?

In order to achieve clarity and consensus on the strategy for the future, it is important to involve the various parties. A strategy is not a stand-alone document, but a starting point for the implementation of daily activities, prioritization, allocation of resources, etc.

An example of strategic management services

Evaluating the company's position (competitive position, product life-cycle analysis, etc.)
Peer group analysis
Strategy process management (owners, lenders, management, employees)
Scenario analysis
Preparation of business plans, including financial planning
Options for business combinations - acquisition and merger perspectives vertically or horizontally
Preparation of financing plans, securing financing
Sales planning

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