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Privacy Policy

Our handling of personal data is based on the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and the regulations of the Estonian Data Inspection Authority. We do not disclose your data to anyone else without informing you first and obtaining your consent. The services use your data only to the extent agreed upon the cooperation agreement.

The public website uses your data for marketing purposes and supports us in understanding you, our visitors. Our visitors have the right to know why and how we collect personal data. You have the right to have personal data deleted. You can have all the personal data we store disclosed to you. You can have all the personal data disclosed to you. You can have your personal data securely stored and you can actively consent or withhold consent to the processing and storage of your personal data by Finsa.

Personal data and cookies

Personal data is anything that can identify you personally: your name, address, e-mail address, and so on. Cookies are files that are sent to your computer by your browser (unless you have disabled cookies) when you visit a website. The purpose is to collect information about how our visitors use our website and to enable us to improve our website.

The cookie can be linked to your e-mail address if you have provided your e-mail address to us on our website. We can use that e-mail address, having your consent, to send you information about services relevant to you based on the pages you visited.

Third parties and location of data

We use third party services to analyze and improve the experience we offer on our website. Such partners are contracted on sound bases and have no right to use your data for their business purposes. We store your data inside the EU.

The history

We keep your data as long as it is relevant for the purpose. Storing cookies depends on the web browser you are using and your personal settings.

Protection of data and prevention of data loss

We apply organizational and technical measures to protect your data. Access to your data is limited to our employees on a need-to-know basis and we use encryption of your data, firewalls, and other technical measures to protect your data appropriately.

Feel free to ask about the protection of your data from us by writing to